The Best Of Google Chrome’s SEO Extensions

Google Chrome has become the daily browser for many people. With each more stable build, it is fast taking over all platforms on many operating systems. Chrome also comes with more extensions and themes that make the internet work for you and look good doing it too. Chrome to help small businesses and blogs that depend on SEO to keep on top of their game. You can read their post here. To highlight their usefulness, an article in suggested using the SEO tool extensions on Let’s take a look at some of the best SEO tools available as Chrome extensions.

SEOmoz, also known as MozBar, is one of the forerunners of SEO tool extensions. This is hands down one of the most important tools a blogger or small business could use to keep their page boosted and visible. Because it is an extension, you can choose from a number of manual and automated options, control what options you want to see and toggle features on and off. It comes in a neat little tools bar that sits discreetly under or above your location bar. If you are new to SEO or wish to maintain a more regular schedule for using SEO tools to enhance your page, this is the extension for you.

Another great find for the more advanced SEO user is SEO Site Tools. This veritable powerhouse of an extension provides with all the stats you could ever want of a website in the blink of an eye. This includes information on page data and elements, server and domain information and social media information. Some unique enhancements and features of this particular SEO extension include its ability to use Google Analytics to show social media stats, show your domain in a search and analyse trending data using Google’s webmaster tools. If you are comfortable using MozBar, then this tool will be an absolute breeze. The perfect companion to SEO Site Tools is Firebug. This nifty little extension allows you to analyse code from various websites and use it to tweak your own website and boost your search engine rankings. While this tool is definitely advanced for the regular SEO user, SEO experts who want perfection will find it a great gem.

The next tool is not entirely meant for SEO but helps take notes on whatever page you visit. Note AnyWhere not only allows you to leave notes on a website, but it will save those notes for future perusal. This is especially great if you like taking notes when visiting a website for whatever reason or need to remember something on your own website.

There are many other tools and extensions available for Chrome, such as SEO SERP, that make SEO auditing a breeze. Some additional tools like URL shorteners, Google reader and screen capturing extensions may not be aimed exclusively at the SEO crowd, but they are each useful in their own way. Try to incorporate the use of these tool into your daily sessions and see how easily you can keep your website up to date and SEO friendly.

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